This site is devoted primarily to the monistic form of Pantheism known as Panpsychism.




Dr. Ken Van Cleve

Some of these Panpsychist articles were written for other people's Pantheist sites over a period of 5 years as I was clarifying my own conception of Panpsychism. So you may find some repetition or even minor disagreements on a few points with what I now say several years later.

Classical Definitions:
Pantheism: All is God.
Panpsychism: The theory that all matter is in some way sentient or conscious.

As you read the articles below you will find I have my own understanding of God and consciousness, which may conflict with your own definition as well as the common meanings of the terms. But keep an open mind and you will find these pages thought-provoking and perhaps even enjoyable, even if you are sometimes in complete disagreement with what I am saying.

Well Finally!
Panpsychism Explained

Panpsychism, What Is It?
Neo-Darwinism and Life
How I Became a Panpsychist
Dualism Didn't Make Sense
Memories and Philosophy of a Spiritual Pantheist
How will future historians view the 20th century?
Creationism vs. Scientism
Can evolution explain life and consciousness?
Putting Theism back in Pantheism
Panpsychism: Do We Need a New Name?
Photons and Gravity
Strings or Quantum Gravity
The Theory of Everything
Solar Flares
Biology Revisited
Plasma: What is It?
Zero Point Energy
Going Cold Turkey
An American Tragedy: David Joseph Bohm
Panpsychism: What Do We Do With It?
Is it too late?